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Monocrystal Solar Panels 375W~630W
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SF1-540W Solar Panels Monocrystalline Half Cell Panel

Based on leading multi-busbar technology, the Singfo modules adopt the Large-sized silicon wafer, non-destructive cutting and high-density interconnect technologies, which allow it to reach high power output and high module efficiency. By virtue of low-voltage and higher module string power output, it unlocks huge potential for further reducing balance-of-system costs.


Cell TypeMonocrystal 182
No. of Cells144(6× 24)
Module Dimension2279*1134*35 mm
Net Weight27.3Kgs
Maximum power (Pmax/W)540W
Open Circuit Voltage-Voc(V)49.55
Short Circuit Current-lsc(A)13.89
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp/V)41.62
Maximum Power Current (Imp/A)12.98

SF2-540W Solar Panels Monocrystalline Half Cell Panel

With stronger resistance against hotspots and excessive temperature, Singfo modules maintain high reliability.

Higher output power

More reliable, more stable

power generation

Less shading effect

Lower temperature coefficient

Your Best Choice for C&I Projects

High customer value

High power up to 560W

High reliability

High energy yield

SF2-540W Solar Panels Monocrystalline Half Cell Panel

Mechanical Parameters

Cell Type: P-type PERC Monocrystalline

Number of Half Cells: 144 (2x72)

Module Size: 2279mmx1134mm x 35mm(30mm)

Weight: 27.3kg

Maximum System Voltage: 1500V

Glass: 3.2mm Coated tempered glass

Frame: Anodized aluminum alloy

Junction Box: IP68 standard (3 bypass diode)

Output Cable: 4mm2/300mm

Connector: MC4 or (Compatible with MC4)

Hailstone Test: 25mm Hailstone at the speed of 23m/s

Mechanical Load: Max. Snow load 5400 Pa, Max. Wind load 2400 Pa


Module typeSF2-540-560W
Maximum power (Pmax/W)540545550555560
Open Circuit Voltage-Voc(V)49.5549.7549.9550.1050.25
Short Circuit Current-lsc(A)13.8913.9714.0514.1214.19
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp/V)41.6241.8041.9742.1242.28
Maximum Power Current (Imp/A)12.9813.0513.1113.1813.25
Module Efficiency (%)20.9021.1021.3021.5021.70


We specialize in solar energy solutions for whole complete set with solar panel, inveter, battery, bracket, cable etc.

Acceptable for customized dimensions and power in solar panel, adjustable for solar power system configuration base on your real situation.